Peanut-shaped Hematite (2μm)

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Peanut-shaped Hematite (2μm)


Sample Name: MY_01_061_H
Description: Hematite Peanuts (Size: 2μm)


  1. 100 mL deionized water was added to 56 g FeCl3 · 6H2O in a 250 mL Pyrex bottle.
  2. 90 mL 6 M NaOH was added rapidly to the ferric chloride solution while stirring.
  3. 10 mL 0.6 M Na2SO4 was quickly added to the mixture and the Pyrex bottle was sealed.
  4. The Pyrex bottle was shaken vigorously to homogenize the gel.
  5. The gel was left undisturbed in an oven for 8 days at 100 °C.
  6. After 8 days, the particles were taken out of the oven and were washed via a series of sequential sedimentation and resuspension cycles in deionized water.
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